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Photo with all the family Labradors incuding both Fox Red Labradors. The photo was taken on the property in Sydney where we breed Fox Red Labradors.

We Love Our Furry Friends!

We would like to thank Regina Rubina (LV) for the great support without of which the dog importing in Australia would have not been possible. Regina has dedicated a lot of time and work to ensure that we would be able to provide the best treatment for these dogs. As a result, the dogs have become an important part of our family that keep us entertained and exercised. 


Fox Red Labradors Australia came about after Nick and Skaidrite Bury visited Rubywood labs in Riga, Latvia where Regina Rubina was breeding the best fox red labradors. Significantly, Nick’s wife Skaidrite, also an ardent dog lover, is Latvian.


Nick and Skaidrite began an association with Regina, which so far has resulted in the import of 6 fox red lab bitches from Rubywood. Gold Fox and Lapsa live in our family together with, Homer a black lab, and Dixie, a chocolate lab. The other 4 fox reds live with Helen’s many other labs at her family property at Adelong.

The breeding of Labradors started with the support of Helen Roche from Phenwick Labradors at Adelong. We are also grateful to Helen for sharing her knowledge and experience that she has accumulated over 45 years of breeding Labradors. 


Ruda and Lapsa are very happy family pets who enjoy a lot of swimming and running with other local dogs at their neighbourhood beach. In they diet are included raw and cocked  vegetables, fruits, raw eggs,  raw meat and dog chips rich of proteins, vitamins, minerals.


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