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Ninth Litter - 1 Puppy Available 

Rubywood LAPSA

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Rubywood Almond had her last 4th litter of puppies born on 6 December 

Please contact us for updates on upcoming litters.

This is our 9nd litter with only 1 puppy looking for a new home..

Second Litter - Puppies Available 

Rubywood LAPSA


GR. R.T. CH. Acolon prince of cypher


Rubywood Lapsa had her 1st litter of puppies born on March 29 / 2019.​

All Puppies are SOLD from this litter.

Please Contact us for updates on upcoming litters.

This is our 2nd litter with 7 puppies from Rubywood Lapsa & GR. R.T. CH. Acolon Prince of Cypher.

Our First Litter

Rubywood Gold Fox

Rubywood Gold Fox.jpg

Red Hot Cyrus


Rubywood Gold Fox (Ruda)  has her 1st litter of puppies since August 4 2018.

If you would like to find out more please go to Contact Us page.


The first litter of 6 puppies from Rubywood Gold Fox & Red Hot Cyrus at Elkens.

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