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Rubywood Gold Fox -RUDA

GENDER: Female

D.O.B: 23 November 2015

COLOUR: Fox Red (Yellow)

TEETH: Scissors Bite



HD - A/A (Excellent)

ED - 0/0

PRA/HC/RD - Healthy

prcd-PRA - N/N; genetically clear

Myopathy (HMLR) - N/N; genetically clear

E/C - N/N; genetically clear



More about Ruda 

During her life in Australia Ruda has developed a strong bond with only one owner (mum), and will never leave her side. Our girl Ruda is a very special dog - she has a spirit of a rescuer. For example, she once jumped in a pool to save a frog from drowning (no joke). We also believe that she would be suitable to become a guide dog for people who need one (in case she would be looking to switch a career). However, her real talent is Swimming as she will never pass a single opportunity for a swim. Sometimes during hot days, she will be found charging towards the pool and taking a high jump in to the water. 


Ruda Pedegree.jpg
Ruda Pedegree 2.jpg
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