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Our two girls Ruda & Lapsa our boy Whiskey have travelled across the globe (literally), to expand the Fox Red dog availability in Australia. They both are very prestigious dogs w an excellent bloodline. Please select one of the dogs to see more information.

Meet Ruda, our Fox red labrador. She has a true labrador retriver character - a great swimmer and always loyal (eve whe it comes to bribing).

Rubywood Gold Fox (Ruda)

Meet Ruda, she is very courageous and loyal dog.

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-19 at 1.35_edited.jpg

Rubywood Almond

Almond us a true character, she knows what she wants and will find a way to get it, whether it be attention or a longer walk.

Meet Lapsa, she is one of our Sydney Labrador retrievers that reside in our house. Her superpower is her coat as it is very thick and soft.

Rubywood Lapsa

Meet Lapsa, she is a fast runner and very intelligent dog.


Rubywood WHISKEY

Meet Whiskey, our Teddy Bear-like looking male dog.

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